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Restoring photos in Cairns


Do you have old family photographs sitting in an album or box somewhere in disarray? Did you find an old black and white image and wish there was a way to see what the people inside really looked like in full colour? Or maybe you have newer photos that you want to ensure last for ages to come for your children and grandchildren to enjoy? Complete Photo Restorers can help. We have a wide range of services to get your old photos looking like new again or to even help them look better than they did in the first place. Our team of highly trained and qualified professionals will ensure your family memories are beautifully preserved and expertly restored to their former glory.
We provide a variety of restoration services that we can use to return your photos to good condition. If you are having issues with the following problems, then we can help you get things right:
Water Damage — Restore photos in Cairns, QLD

Water damage

If photos are improperly stored, they can succumb to water damage over time. We can help remove this damage to restore your photos back to their former glory.
Removal of imperfections — Restore photos in Cairns, QLD

Removal of imperfections

Sometimes photos can eventually get blemishes, wrinkles and other damage over time, especially if they are not stored properly. We can help ... Read more
Digital Additions — Restore photos in Cairns, QLD

Digital additions

We can add colour to black and white photos, add people or objects into an image or even change the background. We can also perform general editing ... Read more

Restore photos with our selection of photo editing, restoration and preservation services at Complete Photo Restorers


If you are ready to get started, give us a call or stop by. We are ready to serve you by helping to restore old photos or preserve them from damage. We can also take your existing photos and edit them to your liking to create special memories that will last a lifetime.