Photo Preservation

Photo Preservations — custom picture framing in Cairns, QLD

Photo preservations in Cairns


Complete Photo Restorers provides photo preservation services to keep your existing photos in good condition. Since photographs are made from paper, they are prone to damage such as discolouration and water damage. We offer a laminating process that retains the longevity of photos and protects the image from the environment and from humidity, which is a major issue in Cairns and surrounding areas. We do this in order to keep excess moisture from the photo itself so it cannot lead to discolouration, mould, mildew and other damage. The result is a photo that can maintain its appearance for years to come, so you can pass them down from one generation to the next.
We add mould inhibiting agents to our preservation process for added protection against mould growth when framing, and it also keeps the photo from being against the glass, so it won't stick. We also implant a special crystal which turns into a gas over a period of time, so it goes into the frame itself and kills any existing mould spores. Our team can not only do this for photos, but also for other keepsakes such as football jerseys, memorabilia and anything that is subject to mould growth. This is a highly skilled and specialised process that not just anyone can do.

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We know your photos are your memories. They are relics that can be passed down from one generation to another to remember loved ones and special occasions. We want you to keep your memories as sharp and in focus as the day they were made, and our photo preservation services can help you achieve this goal. Call today to discuss your options for photo preservation services and we'll offer a quote!