Mould Treatment

Mould treatment — photo mould treatment in Cairns, QLD

Photo mould treatment in Cairns


When photos are not properly stored, or when a photo album, box or frame is exposed to moisture, mould can be the result. Mould growth is not only unhealthy for your indoor air quality, but it also alters the colours of your photos so they do not look their best. Unfortunately, mould growth is an all-too-common problem with photos, especially those which have been stored for a long period of time.
We have a specialised process for photo mould treatment, so we can restore your photos to their original condition in order to preserve the image. You can then either take your photo to reframe or preserve, or we can replicate and re-print it on new photo paper.
Our mould removal service involves a fumigation process where the photo is treated in an airtight chamber or fumigating chamber for 72 hours. This process acts to remove all mould spores by killing them. We then dry everything out to prevent further mould from regrowing. We can then clean the surface of your image to remove dead mould spores and return the photo to a clear image. We are proud to offer this rare service, as most services do not have the skill or equipment necessary to effectively kill and remove mould. When you need advanced photo restoration, you need the experts here at Complete Photo Restorers.

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We will be happy to have a look at your photos to determine if our unique mould removal services can assist. We can also answer any questions you may have about our process and offer a quote on our service so you know what to expect. We know you will be pleased with your fully refreshed and mould-free images!