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Photo restorations in Cairns


Photographs are more than just paper, they’re memories. Preserve your family memories with our photo restoration services at Complete Photo Restorers in Cairns. We can provide restorative services for photos that have been damaged by water, mould and other contaminants during storage. We can also provide framing, transfer photographs to CD and DVD and provide other photo services to help you maintain your family’s photos in whatever way you choose. Whether you have old photos that have been scourged by time, or you have new photos that you would like to preserve digitally to ensure they are available in a variety of formats, we can help you.

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Our talented preservationist has been in business for many years, and we’re one of the few remaining businesses offering such services in the Cairns area. Call now to ask about our wide range of services for your family photos, wedding photos, birth photos and more.
Photo Restorations — Photo restoration in Cairns, QLD

Photo Restorations

We provide a wide variety of photo restoration services, including restoring photos which have been damaged by moisture. We can also digitally fix wrinkles and blemishes or add and remove people and objects. We'll improve your photos digitally or restore your paper photos so you can keep them forever.
Mould Treatment — Photo restoration in Cairns, QLD

Mould Treatment

Our specialised process removes all mould on your photos and dries them out to prevent further damage. We can then clean the surface to restore your photos back to their former glory.
Custom Picture Framing — Photo restoration in Cairns, QLD

Custom Picture Framing

We have a specialised method for framing photos in a way that will prevent humidity damage to photos. This helps to preserve your items so they will last.
Photo Preservation — Photo restoration in Cairns, QLD

Photo Preservation

To keep your photos from becoming damaged, we provide laminating to cover and protect photos from humidity and other damage. We'll also add elements that will help prevent mould and mildew.
DVD — Photo restoration in Cairns, QLD

Archiving to DVD & USB

We'll burn your photos to a CD, DVD or USB drive to keep them saved digitally so you always have a backup when you need or want them. Our images are saved with high-quality resolution for later printing if desired.
Plexiglass Domes — Photo restoration in Cairns, QLD

Plexiglass Domes

Keep antique photos preserved with a plexiglass dome. This is a great way to keep old and fragile photos from suffering further damage while maintaining their appearance.