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Photo & video archiving in Cairns


Sometimes having photos printed on paper isn't enough. While nothing replaces the appearance and charm of having photos placed in a frame to showcase in your home, it's always a good idea to have a backup. That's why we offer photo and video archiving for your old photos and videos. This allows you to keep your images in a digital format for later printing so you are never without a backup of older photos. This service comes in handy, for instance, if you want to have old reel or VHS home movies placed onto a DVD, you want photos that were taken years ago scanned and placed onto CD or USB drive, or you just want to keep extra copies of your images tucked away for later use to print additional copies as desired.
We have the equipment and skill to save photos onto USB, DVD and CD for your convenience. We use a process that uses a high-quality scanner and professional camera to capture your images in high resolution. They can then be printed with the same level of clarity you might have expected from a newly captured and printed image. Call today to ask about preserving your photos or videos on CD or DVD today, and be sure your precious memories are saved to enjoy for years to come.
There are many benefits to each format. These include:


This is great for those who wish to see their movies right away, as they will be available to watch any time on any DVD or Blu-ray player.


This provides a physical way to preserve photos on a disc. CDs are ideally suited for use on certain video systems, as well as on personal computers. They can be downloaded from the disc to your hard drive to upload onto the cloud, or for printing from your own printer. This is also a good option for those who need this format for photo printing services or for printing from older computers.


A USB drive can hold many photos in one location, and can be used with most newer computers to download photos right to your PC for uploading or printing.

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