How long does it take to get my photo restored?

All photos require different amounts of time when restoring, some more than others. It will depend on the condition of the photos and the quantity of photos. An estimated date for the restoration will be supplied in the quotation.

If I can't deliver the photo myself how can I send it to you?

You can scan the photo and email (No larger than 9MB) the digital file
to us, Burn the digital file to a disc and post it in the mail, or carefully package your photo and send it in the mail, take care to insure and register the package! Please look at all the details in our Sending a Photo section of the website.

How much will it cost?

Every restoration or manipulation is assessed individually and a quotation price is supplied based on the amount of work involved to complete the restoration as per your requirements. Please use our quotation form

I have a very old family photograph album dating back for three generations that has deteriorated over the years. Can I get the entire album restored?

Yes, you will need to send or deliver the album to our studio and we would assess the work that needs to be done, advise you on how to proceed and supply a quotation for the work. Contact The Studio for further details.

Can you supply me with the restored photograph as a digital file?

We can supply the newly restored photograph as jpg, tiff and email it to you, or burn them to a CD or DVD. We can also print the final product and frame it if required. View our full list of Services

What settings do I use when I scan my photograph?

Scanning and File Specifications:
  • Scan the original photo in full colour 300 dpi,
    (even if it is a black and white photo)
  • Save the scan as a maximum resolution .jpg file
  • The final size of the scanned photo is to be no larger than 9mb for emailing.
  • You can attach a larger sized photo when using the quotations form, The photo can not exceed a 20MB file size, or a combined 20mb file size if there is more than one image to sendEG. for the attached images. ie Photo 1 = maximum 6MB, Photo 2 = maximum 6MB,
    Photo 3 = maximum 6MB = Total 18MB. If the total size of the images exceeds 20 MB please phone us directly - Phone: 07 4031 6166.






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