The CPR studio provide digital photo restoration and compositing services. Our studio works with state of the art computer hardware systems and utilise licensed specialist professional photo imaging software to deliver our artistic services.

The studio also specialises in conservation and archival framing with a specific focus on artworks and photographic works that will be displayed or stored in tropical climates.

Work will not commence without the signed acceptance of a formal quotation and the allocation of an individual Client No. as provided by Complete Photo Restorers.

Payment Terms and Conditions:
Complete Photo Restorers ABN: 20 802 631 264

NB: A 50% deposit of the quoted price will be required before the commencement of all services. The deposit and final payment on completion of the work can be paid by: Visa Card, Mastercard,
(we do not accept Diners Club and American Express),
EFTPOS, Bank Cheque, Money Orders and Cash are accepted.
NB. Personal cheques are not accepted.

Freight and Insurance Charges:
Apply to the return of all original work and the restored work.
All freight is registered for ease of tracking in transit.

Studio Opening Hours:
9.00am - 5.00 pm Monday - Friday
* Closed Public Holidays



When authorising Complete Photo Restorers to proceed with the digital manipulation of your images, you certify that they are submitted with permission by yourself or by the copyright holder of the images. Permission from the copyright holder of any image is required at all times.

NB: Examples of the original and restored images may be used for promotional purposes by the CPR Studio, with the permission of the copyright holder.



Complete Photo Restorers will never disclose to any person, for any purpose, your email address, or any other personal contact details
collected or that you may have provided to us during the course of our transaction.



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