When hearing and seeing the excitement and relief of my clients when they talk about the discovery of photos that were misplaced, lost and forgotten, it really sends a message home about how priceless these irreplaceable and precious memories are.

If you have old photos that are sitting around in an old album, shoebox or even hanging on the wall stuck to the glass, and you can see that they are damaged or deteriorating, the longer you leave it, the worse they will become.

Complete Photo Restorers RESTORATION SERVICES

1 We restore damaged, aged and faded photographs, remove or replace a person or object from the photograph, or change the background in the image. View the Full List of our Restoration Services

2 Send us your photograph and we will restore it to your requirements.

3 After Restoration - The newly restored photograph can be supplied to you as both a printed image and as a digital file on disc.

4 The original photograph and the restored image is returned to you by registered post. * Freight Charges Apply


Full Restoration:

We restore to original condition - old or new photographs that have been damaged - torn, cracked, faded, and stained. We also remove blemishes and wrinkles, add or remove a person, remove an object, or add colour to a black and white photograph.

Minor Retouching:

Subtly improve a photograph with a few adjustments, colour balancing, remove red-eye plus other minor repairs.


Change a black and white photo to a colour photo. A colour photo to sepia tint or black and white. Selective Colouring – add emphasis to objects or people (vividly or subtly). A red shirt can become a blue shirt. Selective colouring can also be used to give an image a surreal or artistic perspective.

Add or Remove:

A Person or object from a photograph

Change of Background:

Change a background to make the photo appear like it was taken in a photographic studio. Change a wall colour, remove distracting objects from the background, even place people into a different environment, eg: from a garden to a beach.

Archiving to CD or DVD:

We can scan photographs, documents, slides and negatives to create a digital archive for you. We also include existing digital files in your archives. The archives are constructed chronologically or by subject area, ie: Weddings, Birthdays, Holidays etc. You can print or view images from your archive at any time.


Many photos become damaged over time due to moisture, humidity, sticking to glass, poor handling, bright light exposure, insect excrement and neglect. By applying a high quality specialised photographic laminate to your new and restored photos, they will be protected from the elements listed above. To clean, simply wipe the laminated photo with a damp cloth, no chemicals. After applying this laminate, photos can now be safely put into a frame behind/against the glass without the fear of your photo adhering to the glass.

Picture Framing and Plexi Glass Domes:

Framing Services






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